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Using artificial intelligence, Riky Rick was 'resurrected' to deliver an important message

Riky Rick posthumously promotes mental health on AI-generated song

The song, released on YouTube on Wednesday, marked the revival of the SA icon’s music through the newly established Riky Rick Foundation for the Promotion of Artivism.

The foundation, driven by a mission to shed light on the pressing issue of deteriorating mental health and well-being, aims to raise funds to support individuals and organisations dedicated to promoting mental well-being.

Inspired by Riky’s final tweet, in which he expressed his determination to return as a stronger man, the foundation is determined to honour his legacy and advocate for the care and empowerment of young people.

Collaborating with partners such as TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris and Sony Music Africa, the foundation harnessed the potential of AI technology to give life to Riky’s words, extracted from his social media posts.

Through the expertise of Riky’s longtime collaborators

Audio Militia, and lyricist Lebo Machudi, ‘Stronger‘ weaves together a musical tapestry that captures the essence of Riky’s spirit.

Reflecting on his impactful influence, Riky once shared in one of his final interviews,

“I don’t care how people remember me as long as I’ve left something people can build on.”

True to his vision, the foundation released ‘Stronger‘ not only to immortalise Riky’s legacy but also to raise awareness about mental health issues and offer a platform for everyone to contribute to this vital cause.

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