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Ai in Audio

"Unleash the power of AI in audio and music for an unparalleled sonic revolution."

Bringing Riky Rick's Legacy to life

We are proud to introduce our latest and most unique project to date. Prepare to be captivated by an experience like nothing we have ever done before.


On 23 February 2022,, the music industry suffered a great loss with the passing of Riky Rick, a true talent and a rap superstar. Inspired by his legacy and driven by a desire to raise awareness about mental well-being, we embarked on a remarkable project. "Stronger"


We delved into Riky's social media posts, carefully extracting the clues and messages he left behind.

We took the words of Riky Rick and intricately wove them into a powerful song. Every lyric, every line, and every verse is comprised solely of his own words. Not a single word in this song is anything but Riky's own.

To capture the essence of Riky's vocal performance, we enlisted the talents of exceptional voice actors. Their mission was to embody Riky's unique nuances, pronunciation, and flow. With meticulous attention to detail, they delivered exceptional vocal recordings.

Guide Voice transition to Riky Rick Ai generated voice stem Riky Rick "Stronger"
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Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, using Riky's previous vocal takes, interviews, and recordings, creating a Ai model of Riky's voice


The Ai model of Riky's voice was then shaped around the original vocals recorded by the actors. Through this groundbreaking process, we have successfully replaced the actor's voice with Riky's own AI-generated voice.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unveil the remarkable fusion of technology, artistry, and Riky Rick's unparalleled talent. Experience the profound impact of Ai in Audio as we pay homage to a legend and shed light on the importance of mental well-being.

Note: "Stronger" is a campaign created with utmost respect and admiration for Riky Rick. We aim to honor his legacy and contribute to meaningful conversations surrounding mental well-being.

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