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Audio Militia's Richard Staub take top spot as Africa's #1 Sound Designer and Final Mix engineer

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Coca Cola Beatcan wins the Grand Prix at Loeries 2022.

The culmination of months of dedication and hard work has resulted in a remarkable and significant achievement for Audio Militia.

“Super proud of the work that FCB, Cake and the Audio Militia team put into this project. When lockdown hit, we were tasked by FCB to create a platform for consumers to make music wherever they are, without any instruments.

The idea came about to print different words on cans, that when sung together can form a song.

Richard Staub "We used 4 base elements, The Beat, The Lyric, The Effect and The Melody. The challenge was to then find words that could imitate drum beats and bass lines and arrange them in a way that a track could be made with voices. Couple this with it needing to be in multiple languages across the African region, made this quite the adventure.

With lots of hard work from all involved, we managed to turn an idea into a reality. With the campaign being a great success, as well as picking up multiple awards including the Cannes Lion and Loeries Gran Prix 2022"

Richard Staub was awarded the #1 Ranked Sound Designer award for Africa and the Middle East. "This would not have been possible without the help of the Audio Militia family and I look forward to tackling more projects of this calibre."

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