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Nike - Battle Force JHB

60sec   |   English   |  Lebogang Rasethaba 

The Nike brand is known for creating fresh and original work for their advertising campaigns, and this piece for Nike Battle Battle Force JHB is no exception. We collaborated with director Lebogang Rasethaba to create this unique piece of music/sound design, which is made almost exclusively from foley basketball sounds, from the ball bouncing on different surfaces to sneaker squeaks and human breaths. Once all the foley sounds were sorted, cleaned, edited and mixed, we loaded them up into our Native Instruments Maschine controllers, which allowed us to play the sounds like a drum kit, and voila! Oh, and to top it off, we sprinkled some Riky Rick vocal samples in there for some flavour...why not? We love our jobs :)

NIKE - Battle Force JHB
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