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ABSA x INTEL - Drone Light Show

60sec   |   English   |  ABSA x INTEL

This has to be one of the most ambitious projects we have ever been a part of… To go hand in hand with our Sonic rebranding of ABSA, we were asked to be part of the unveiling of the new ABSA logo. “Sure, sounds simple enough? Right, the new logo is going to be displayed 500 feet over the JHB skyline, by a few hundred LED equipped drones, and we need you guys to create a score which will match these epic proportions…” It’s not every day that we get brief on a job like this, and to say that we were excited would be an understatement. Our approach was to create an epic orchestral score which would be able to do this incredible endeavour justice, and to also include the freshly minted new ABSA mnemonic, seamlessly in the score. This is one that we are incredibly proud of!

ABSA x INTEL - Drone Light Show
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