Recording Studios

Audio Militia Recording is proud to offer some of the most premiere recording space on the continent.

Our professional recording studios also offer a wide range of vintage and cutting edge equipment.

Our recording related services include:


Vocal tracking

Drum tracking




Our nine state-of-the-art studios in Bryanston, Ferndale and Blairgowrie are equipped and ready to deal with each an every audio need.


Bryanston: Our base studios in Peter Place specialize in composition for TV, Radio, Films and Games, as well as commercial Final Mix and Virtual Reality mixes.


Ferndale: Ferndale plays home to our studio that specializes in Channel Branding, mixes for promos , ADR, Dubbing, animations and podcasting.


Blairgowrie: Surrounded by production houses, animators, editors, compositors, graders and motion capture specialists, our Blairgowrie studios in Mackay Avenue offer high-end commercial and radio final mix.


Bryanston Recording Studios


Ferndale Recording Studios

Blairgowrie Recording Studios





Recording Artist's 

Notable Artists:

Hell Cats (SAMA nominated)

Jack Parrow

16 Stitch (Winners at the LA Music Awards)


Newtown Knife Gang 



The Cavalier

Weed Dealer


Tasha Baxter